Table Rental / Alquiler de Mesas


** Please do NOT use the table as a stepping stool. You can hurt yourself and could possibly break the table**


Delivery ( Round-trip ) are available and starts at $45.00 . prices can change depending on city /state where event will be held at.




Rectangle Tables/ Mesas Largas- 6ft (fits6-8 people) $8.25

                                                         8ft (fits8-10 people) $8.75 ea.







Round Tables/ Mesas Redondas- 48'' Rd (6-8 people) $8.25

                                                                                                                                    60'' Rd (8-10 people) $8.75 ea.                                                   






Plastic FOLDABLE Tables - 6ft long & 8ft long $10.00 ea.






                                  Hightop Tables - 30x30 SQ   $9.00ea

             36x36 SQ   $9.00ea





                       Hightop 36'' Rd -   $9.00 ea